Remote training for a remotely delivered HIV preventive intervention for sexual and gender diverse persons in Kazakhstan: strategies and lessons learnedE-posterGlobal access and policy
The prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Mexico: it is urgent to change the government strategyOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
Detrimental health effects of changes in cannabis use during the first COVID-19 lockdown among daily cannabis users in France: results from a national surveyE-posterGlobal access and policy
Utilising a multi-stakeholder consultation process to build NDoH's internal capacity to plan and implement national COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a phased resumption of VMMC services in South AfricaE-posterGlobal access and policy
The role of innovation in keeping adolescent girls and young women free from HIV and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic ' reflections from the DREAMS Program in BotswanaOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
Trust in institutional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination intentions: findings from a comparative global studyOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection among health care workers in Nasarawa State: implications for prevention measuresE-posterGlobal access and policy
Policy responses and future to COVID19 in the media and culture sectorE-posterGlobal access and policy
Healthcare worker perceptions of COVID-19 preparedness at antiretroviral therapy pick-up points in a decentralized HIV care program in South AfricaOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
Policy, poverty, and politics. How public health, inequality and political leadership interacted in the COVID-19 pandemicOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
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