Trust in a COVID-19 vaccine in the US: a social ecological perspectiveOral AbstractVaccines
Mask usage, social distancing, racial, and gender correlates of COVID-19 vaccine intentions among adults in the USOral AbstractVaccines
CRISPR-Cas13b can potently suppress replication of SARS-CoV-2 and mutant strainsOral AbstractBasic science
Social distancing 2.0 with privacy-preserving contact tracing as an alternative to lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic controlOral AbstractNon-pharmaceutical prevention
Synergistic effect of non-movement-restrictive social distancing, testing-and-isolation, and contact tracing-and-quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak in Daegu, Korea, February to April 2020Oral AbstractNon-pharmaceutical prevention
A balancing act of lives and livelihoods: supporting the South African government to develop a risk-adjusted strategy for economic activity during the height of COVID-19 pandemicOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
Leveraging electronic management information systems to enhance and optimize supply chain response during public health emergencies: lessons from COVID-19 response in UgandaOral AbstractGlobal access and policy
New head-to-head clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines ' issues with trial design and primary endpointsOral Abstractno category
Non-pharmaceutical interventions to mitigate spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Shenzhen, China: a modelling studyE-posterNon-pharmaceutical prevention
Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 envelope, membrane, nucleocapsid and spike structural proteins from the beginning of the pandemic to September 2020: a global and regional approach by epidemiological weekOral AbstractBasic science
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